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International Coaching Certification Upgrade


The ICCU | International Coaching Certification Upgrade is advanced training for Coaches that have already attained a Certification in Coaching. By consolidating scientific knowledge and methodologies, and with access to brand new content such as Multiple Intelligences and Neuroscience, this course offers participants the opportunity to add value to their competencies, and to contribute to driving forward professionalism, as well as refining their mastery of Coaching tools and skills. Below you can find all the information you need to request access to this advanced course.

  • 59 hours total duration
  • 44h teaching hours
  • 12h personal work – assignments, articles, books, individual and group exercises
  • 3h final exam
  • Intensive programme (2 weekends)
  • Make progress or continue to develop Coaching skills
  • Strengthen and consolidate the current experience and training of Coaches with the introduction of new trends, approaches and methodologies – Neuroscience, Multiple Intelligences, Creative Thinking
  • Acquire the knowledge needed to raise the perspective of Coaching from the context of a session to the context of the process via ICU-PRO
  • Facilitate practical experience with group activities and one-on-one accompaniment via Mentoring
  • Fine-tune the objectives, styles and communication techniques unique to each Coach with the founding principles of ICU Coaching
  • Module I – Competencies model (12h)
  • Module II – Theory of the Intelligences (12h)
  • Module III – Coaching & Neurosciences (12h)
  • Module IV – Mentoring and practice (8h)
  • EXAM (3h)
  • Personal development assignments
  • Solid base in science and competencies with highly interactive and dynamic classrooms
  • Use of numerous multi-media resources (virtual teaching platform, films, videos, forums)
  • Reflection and personal development exercises
  • Essays, reading books and articles about Coaching
  • Research, group work
  • Development of a personal business plan
  • Mentoring to refine competencies and knowledge
  • Simulated practice (peer coaching)
  • Anyone that already has an International Coaching Certification and that wishes to strengthen and update their knowledge and methodologies, as well as an experience aimed at international teachers and mentors
  • Executives, Managers, Middle Managers, Team Leaders
  • Human Resource and Organisational Development Professionals
  • Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Independent Professionals, Freelancers
  • Teachers, Trainers
  • Psychologists
  • Creative Professionals
  • Anyone that wishes to achieve new goals and to improve results by incorporating Coaching, its essence, approaches, methodologies and tools into their professional activities or personal life
  • Aged over 18 years
  • Send a detailed Programme and Contents of your current Certification in Coaching:
    • Modules
    • Themes
    • Course load
    • Assessment
  • Other relevant details
    • Send an updated CV based on your experience as a Coach
    • Total number of hours of professional experience
    • Professional and personal contexts in which you have applied Coaching and a Coaching Attitude
  • Activities undertaken in the field of Coaching
  • 3 reference/recommendation letters from clients and/or colleagues

By finishing the course and passing the final exam, students will receive an ICU Certification with the title of CIPC | Certified International Professional Coach. 

Aside from this certification, Coaches will:

  • Become a part of the ICU International Coaching Community
  • Receive an attendance certificate